Exedur, Throneworld of Darth Archanis

"My ally is the Force, and a deadly ally it is."

In an age before the Old Republic, the mighty Sith ruled the galaxy. None dared challenge the reign of these terrible magicians and invincible warriors – none save rival Sith. Divided into endless Houses, they battled over the heavens like dark gods. Theirs are epic tales of war and savagery unparalleled in galactic history.

You are a young initiate, eager to apprentice to a fearsome Sith Knight. But first you must prove your mettle to the Masters of the House. The courts of the Sith have no tolerance for weakness – and neither do you. Your power is as great as any apprentice. If they do not see it now, you will make them see.

(Sith Knights is a Star Hero online campaign hosted by Hero Central. The GM is Austen Andrews.)

Sith Knights takes place in an age long before the Galactic Republic of the Star Wars films. The Jedi do not exist. Most of the galaxy is controlled by Sith overlords, a feared sect of ruthless Force-users who impose their rule on planetary governments. In turn the Sith are divided into Houses, each commanded by a terrible Dark Lord. The quest for power is their foremost concern, and so the Houses fight wars of conquest that spread death and ruin across countless star systems.

Though the Sith are austere by nature, the throneworlds of the Dark Lords are opulent with the spoils of empire. Greed and lust bait planetary rulers into the fold. Fear and intrigue hold them obedient once they've submitted. The clutch of a Sith Lord is jealous and powerful, his soldiers and warships quick to action.

"The Force holds the universe in bondage. The Sith are its masters. All others are slaves."

(This campaign is not based on the Star Wars "Expanded Universe." I have developed my own version of galactic history based solely on the films and other material from George Lucas. Forget everything you think you know about the Sith!)


Sith Knights takes place in a galaxy ruled by savage, power-hungry overlords, but at its heart it's a Star Wars campaign. Expect larger-than-life adventure and over-the-top villainy. Since the PCs are Sith they'll be neck-deep in dark doings, Star Wars style. That means blackly entertaining, not horrifying. Brutal but not graphic. Think of Darth Vader, the Emperor, Jabba the Hutt, Jango Fett, etc. - evil painted in broad, clean strokes.

Which is not to imply that the PCs can't be thoroughly nasty critters. The fun of playing a Sith is indulging your Dark Side. Be cruel and ruthless, pillage and plunder, taunt victims, slay underlings, deliver ice-cold lines, strike cool poses - enjoy wearing the black hat. Darth Vader is terrific fun, even in PG films.

In the courts of the Sith the PCs are advised to tread carefully, but this game won't have a high risk of PC mortality. Capture is the likelier outcome of a defeat.

PCs start the game as young initiates of House Archanis, seeking apprenticeship to Sith Knights. The average age should be around sixteen (slightly younger or older characters are fine). This doesn't require the PCs to be naïve. Merely surviving to this age means they’re already formidable creatures. The childhood of a Sith Initiate is extremely deadly.

As apprentice candidates PCs start at the lowest rank of the Sith Order. To other Sith they are unproven and therefore disposable. Fear not, though, they're still PCs and will influence great events. Star Wars is all about the underdogs.

All initiate characters must take a basic set of Sith skills & powers. In addition PCs will have some area of speciality that they have either pursued or had forced upon them. Example specialties are warrior, spy, courtier, pilot and so on. (I've put together some templates but players are free to develop their own.) Finally, the trials of their later years will have taught them additional skills.

A PC may be human or alien, as the player decides. Most Sith are human. An alien may be one of the usual Star Wars races, but I encourage you to create a unique race that fits the character concept you have in mind. House Archanis encompasses a hundred star systems - plenty of room to add player-designed planets.

Here are the PC point requirements: