The Slave Planet of Grimgour

"That which you need tomorrow, seize today."

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  • All Force-sensitive infants are taken by the Sith to become initiates. During early childhood they are raised in the courts of the Sith Lords, where they receive basic training in the Force as well as other talents they may possess. Despite the lush surroundings of the court, this is not a coddled childhood but one fraught with hard work and brutal discipline.

    Around the age of ten, their true test begins. Initiates are removed from the court and face the Scourge of Childhood, a condition of ghastly bondage and deadly trial. The specifics vary by House. In House Archanis initiates are imprisoned inside the Slave Planet of Grimgour, where the population consists of the worst criminals of a hundred systems. Little deference is given to these children among monsters. Small initiate colonies provide shelter and armament, but those who cannot pull their weight are slain by their peers or left to the mercy of the inmates. Older initiates must win the leadership of the colony or (more commonly) strike out on their own.

    The Scourge of Childhood lasts until the initiate dies or is judged worthy to leave by the Court of the Dark Lord, usually not more than six or seven years either way. Longtime survivors not judged worthy are absolved of their unhappy existence the Sith do not suffer outsiders to have knowledge of the Force.

    Survivors of the Scourge must then apprentice to a Sith Knight. A series of trials allows the knights to make their selection. Apprentices go on to learn more advanced lore of the Force in the service & profession of their new masters. This is the ultimate goal of every initiate final acceptance into the Order of the Sith.

    Required Powers & Skills

    As Sith initiates, all PCs must buy the following minimum Force powers & skills.


  • Force Multipower: Minimum 20 pt Pool
  • Increased Reflexes: Minimum 15 DEX; No NCM for DEX
  • Increased Reflexes: Minimum 3 SPD
  • Missile Deflection: Active Cost: 20; Real Cost: 11 (2)
  • Force Defense: 10 PD/10 ED - Active Cost: 20; Real Cost: 6 (1)
  • Seeing Without Seeing: Active Cost: 17; Real Cost: 11
  • Breath Control: Active Cost: 1; Real Cost: 1
  • Element Resistance: Active Cost: 7; Real Cost: 5
  • Acrobatics: Active Cost: 7; Real Cost: 7
  • Telekinesis: 6 STR - Active Cost: 9; Real Cost: 5 (1)
  • Mind Trick: 4d6 - Active Cost: 20; Real Cost: 9 (1)
  • Mental Defense: 5 MD - Active Cost: 5; Real Cost: 5
  • Sense Emotions: Active Cost: 7; Real Cost: 7
  • Minimum Powers Cost: 81 pts.


  • KS: Sith History, 11-less, 2 pts.
  • KS: House Archanis, 11-less, 2 pts.
  • WF: Lightsaber, 1 pt.
  • Weaponsmith: Lightsaber, 2 pts.
  • TF: Mounts, Flying Mounts, Flying Craft, 3 pts.
  • Survival: Harsh Planets, 3 pts.
  • Fringe Benefit: Access to Sith circles, 2 pts.
  • Contact: Someone inside the court of the PC's childhood, 2 pts.
  • Reputation: Sith Initiate, 2 pts.
  • Minimum Skills Cost: 19 pts.

    Total Cost of Required Powers & Skills: 100 pts.

    Required Disadvantages

    PCs must take the following Disadvantages:

  • DF: Force Signature, Concealable, Detectable By Uncommon Senses, 5 pts.
  • Watched by House Archanis, 14-less, 20 pts.
  • Total Required Disadvantages: 25 pts.

    The following character templates show the types of training a young initiate might receive in the courts of the Sith Lords. These templates may be used as written, but are neither required nor intended to force PCs into slots.


    Soldiers, champions, assassins, hunters - Enforcers are the Sith's professional warriors. Every court has need of their talents and every court trains them. A child initiate would receive Enforcer training as the servant of another Enforcer.

  • PS: Soldier, Assassin, etc. (2)
  • +5 DEX (15)
  • +1 SPD (10)
  • 20 pts on fighting skills such as Combat Skill Levels, Martial Arts, etc. (20)
  • Raise Force Multipower to 40 pts (+20)
  • 20 PD/20 ED Force Defense (+1)
  • Missile Reflection (+2)
  • Force Push (5)
  • +2" Force Leap (2)
  • Commander

    A Sith Commander knows how to organize troops, conduct a battle, demand obedience and punish failure. Sith Commanders are most often trained in militaristic courts, but every court has need of guard captains. A child initiate would receive Commander training as a servant in a military organization such as an army, space fleet or security force.

  • PS: Commander (2)
  • +5 PRE (5)
  • +5 INT (5)
  • Tactics (3)
  • Oratory (3)
  • Interrogation (3)
  • WF: Emplaced Weapons (1)
  • 20 pts on fighting skills such as Combat Skill Level, Martial Arts, etc. (20)
  • Remote Seeing (7)
  • Sense Health (3)
  • Hasten Recovery (4)
  • Rack (8)
  • Read Emotions (2)
  • Enrage (2)
  • Excite (2)
  • Calm (2)
  • Machinator

    The courts of the Sith are lush with intrigue. A Sith Machinator moves like an unseen god among the decadent lesser beings. Every court is political, but it is mostly the larger, wealthier ones that specifically train Machinators. A child initiate would receive training as the servant of a courtier or the court itself.

  • PS: Courtier, Bureaucrat, etc. (2)
  • +5 PRE (5)
  • +5 INT (5)
  • +5 EGO (10)
  • High Society (3)
  • Persuasion (3)
  • Bureaucratics (3)
  • Shadowing (3)
  • 15 pts on a combination of: Analyze, Concealment, Conversation, Disguise, Forgery, Interrogation, Oratory, Seduction, Streetwise, Trading (15)
  • Raise Force Multipower to 30 pts (+10)
  • Remote Seeing (7)
  • Mirage (2)
  • Read Emotions (2)
  • Calm (2)
  • Enrage (2)
  • Excite (2)
  • Dismay (2)
  • Fine Telekinesis (1)
  • Pilot

    In space, no one is deadlier than a Sith Pilot who has trained the Force upon the task of flying. These Enforcers of the stars are useful to any planetary regime, but are mostly trained in courts that control large space fleets and/or much interstellar trade. A child initiate would most likely receive pilot training in a maintenance role on a large ship or space station, though most planets have some form of atmospheric flight system that could suffice.

  • Analyze: Pilots & Ships
  • Combat Piloting
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • Navigation
  • Shadowing (Ships)
  • Tactics
  • WF: Emplaced Weapons
  • Battle Sense (Ships)
  • Fine Telekinesis
  • Spy

    A Sith Spy is a master of invisibility.

  • Remote Seeing
  • Battle Sense
  • Force Leap
  • Force Movement
  • Fine Telekinesis
  • Calm
  • Dismay
  • Excite
  • Enrage
  • Bugging
  • Climbing
  • Concealment
  • Contortionist
  • Demolitions
  • Disguise
  • Security Systems
  • Shadowing
  • Stealth
  • Tracking
  • Alien Player Characters

    Demographically the Sith skew toward human beings, but in total they encompass a great number of species. Alien PCs are quite welcome.

    While a PC may be one of the "standard" Star Wars aliens, I encourage players to create their own alien species that fits their character concept. A cool or unusual look is the only requirement for a new PC species. If you want, though, feel free to invent the species's home planet as well. House Archanis spans a hundred star systems, with plenty of room to squeeze in custom planets.

    When creating an alien, the guiding principle should be broad strokes. The best Star Wars aliens are simple and iconic - giant, furry Wookiees; fat slug Jabba the Hutt; devilish Darth Maul; etc. For the most part, each species is represented by a single character. Below are a few further considerations:

  • Aliens should be basically humanoid.
  • Don't buy a ton of species-related abilities. Most aliens in the films are essentially weird-looking humans.
  • The same goes for alien cultures. Remember, paint in broad strokes. Keep it to a paragraph or two.
  • If you want a species to be very rich or powerful, make sure to clear it with the GM first.
  • Species homeworlds should have a single "hook" - Tatooine = desert planet, Bespin = floating cities, etc.
  • Distinctive Features is rarely applicable simply for being an alien.