Seduction For A Nickel

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The Roots of Modern Smut



You've heard the legend a thousand times. You may have even argued that it's true. But do you really know what happened?

I'm talking about that popular folk tale concerning society's favorite obsession – SEX. You know the story: Once upon a time the world was a happy sea of buckled shoes and starched collars and fairy princesses and baseball cards, and nobody thought about sex until they were irrevocably married. Then the big bad 60's came along and dumped a ghastly torrent of deviance and promiscuity and premarital sex on our children, and By God the world jumped out of the frying pan straight into the handbasket that day, Let Me Tell You!

Poppycock. The world had long outgrown handbaskets by the 60's. It was driving Nitrous-fueled muscle cars down the Tartarus Turnpike when Alfred Kinsey had only seen one vagina, from the inside out.

Want proof? All right, I've got two words for you:

Text © 2005 Kris Andrews